At Galina Fine Jewelers we understand how sentimental and important personal jewelry can be. We make sure that our clients feel confident leaving their jewelry for repair with us.
To make sure that our clients feel reassured we’ve created a great repair system with a
5-Point Guarantee in place:

1. Jewelry Repairs are performed by Master Jewelers and Guaranteed for 1 Year (restrictions apply).
2. Client’s Jewelry is fully insured while it's in Galina's possession (per declared value).
3. Before and After Pictures are taken and emailed to the client if permitted.
4. All repair jobs are performed only after the client's approval.
5. Every step (including all communications and any actions taken) is being recorded, tracked and saved in database.

When a piece of jewelry is brought to us for sizing or a repair it is thoroughly examined by our trained staff. The jewelry gets photographed and full description of the item/s, including declared value, is being recorded and stays in our database. If the client does not know the value of their jewelry item a trained professional will help him/her determine that.



After the jeweler makes a final assessment of the repair, the client is notified if there are any more recommendations given before proceeding with the repairs. When the job is completed the client is notified by phone immediately, unless specified otherwise. Only the client or the person in client’s database may pick up the jewelry.


After the client picks up the jewelry, the instructions on the basic care of their jewelry is given.

Verbal Appraisals, Jewelry Cleaning, Examining and Consultations are always complimentary at Galina Fine Jewelers. Physical appraisals and recommendations for jewelry insurance are always available.