About Us

Galina Lisa Sola had a dream to have a fine jewelry store where everyone feels welcome. Coming to America from Moscow, Russia over 28 years ago, made that dream possible.
Back in 1990 Galina used to manage 4 jewelry stores, owned by her family in Philadelphia. 
In 2003, Galina and her husband relocated to Northern Arizona and sold jewelry to most major jewelry stores in the area.  In 2006 they opened a retail location in Sedona. After the separation from the chain, Galina opened her own Cottonwood, named Galina Fine Jewelers.

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Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the World.” And by living my dream I can honestly say that I am doing just that! The store today looks like a beautiful store in a Scottsdale area. My goal is to constantly raise the bar by providing the widest array of jewelry styles and prices, wide variety of bullion and coin products, consistently delivering the best jewelry repair and design services, treating all clients like friends or family, having a comfortable, fun and transparent environment. I also love supporting our community by collaboration with other business in the area, like wine, restaurant, art and other industries.  And the best part, I have a great team of people working with me who share my dreams”.