Gold Buying

Posted by Lisa Galina Fine Jewelers on Jan 21st 2019

Gold American EagleIs Worth Over $1,200?The American Gold Eagle are the "Official Bullion Coins" of the US Mint. Each coin has a face value in case the coin was intended to be used as currency. I … read more

Ring Sizing

Jan 17th 2019

Too loose or too tight? Ring sizing is a fairly straight-forward process, and one of the most common repairs. It involves either adding or removing a piece of metal from the shank of a ring to increas … read more

Ruby & Sapphire

Posted by Lisa Galina Fine Jewelers on Jan 15th 2019

Did you know that the difference between Ruby and Sapphire is the color?Rubies and Sapphires are created of the same mineral named corundum. Chromium makes corundum red which is called "Ruby." Titaniu … read more

Rose Gold

Posted by Lisa Galina Fine Jewelers on Jan 9th 2019

What is Rose Gold ?Before we get to Rose Gold let's start with natural gold itself as it comes from the earth pure and very, very yellow.         The reaso … read more


Posted by Anna on Dec 13th 2018

The world's newest gem obsession, Morganite is taking reign in the jewelry empire. Ranging from cotton candy pink to a more subtle peachy pink, this gemstone is ideal for colorful jewels. Morgani … read more