Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Posted by Lisa Galina Fine Jewelers on Jan 9th 2019

What is Rose Gold ?

Before we get to Rose Gold let's start with natural gold itself as 

it comes from the earth pure and very, very yellow. 


The reason gold is used for making fine jewelry is due to it's 

extreme durability and malleability. Gold can be in the ocean for 

thousands of years without changing or eroding away. Gold is 

also considered a clean metal to wear, so clean in fact that in  

some cases it is even eaten!

In jewelry, gold is normally mixed with other metals because pure gold is 

too soft for everyday wear. To measure gold content in a piece we use 

the measurement of Karat.The most standard is 10k (41.7% gold), 14k 

(58% gold), and 18k (75% gold). To make rose gold a large amount of 

copper is alloyed with whatever percentage  of pure gold giving it a rich, 

pink color. Below we have an example of natural copper, you can see 

it has a natural red-orange color. 

When it comes to jewelry, from time immemorial Gold has been the

metal of choice. Conventionally Gold jewelry has always been available

in many different tones, though the traditional yellow and popular white

usually grace most jewelry store showcases. However, Rose Gold was

first used in Russia over two centuries ago, is once again, having its

moment to shine.

Rose Gold, also known as Pink Gold is on the rise in popularity, and for 

good reason. Rose Gold is an exquisite rare alloy that gets its beautiful

color through the inclusion of copper. All Gold used in the jewelry

making process besides 24 karat is mixed with other metals so that it can

withstand everyday wear and use. Rose Gold is no different with the

varying percentage of copper being used in determining the shade and

color of the Gold.

Rose Gold and its classic European look is no different from Yellow or

White Gold in purity and is adorned for its warm, elegant and dazzling

coppery hue. Rose Gold is being used in watches, wedding rings and

even men’s jewelry pieces have begun to actively incorporate the

coppery tone metal.

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