Ruby & Sapphire

Ruby & Sapphire

Posted by Lisa Galina Fine Jewelers on Jan 15th 2019

Did you know that the difference between Ruby and Sapphire is the color?

Rubies and Sapphires are created of the same mineral named corundum. Chromium makes corundum red which is called "Ruby." Titanium, iron, aluminum oxide gives other colors (blue, pink, yellow, purple, or greenish) To stones which are called Sapphires.

The name "Ruby" has originated from the Latin word "rubeus," meaning red.  

The name "Sapphire" has originated from  Latin word "saphirus," Meaning blue.

Sapphires found in a blue color are called blue sapphires while other colors are called fancy color sapphires. Pinkish-orange are called padparadscha, the most expensive sapphire. 

All gemstones are valued for their color, size and clarity. High-quality rubies found in larger sizes are very rare and at times are valued more than diamonds. 

Rubies which are over two carats are very rare. Those with fewer imperfections are more valuable. 

A ruby is used for making lasers and jewelry. Sapphires are used in watches, as semiconductors, as lasers, and for making high-pressure windows. 

Rubies are scarcer than sapphires. 

Ruby is the birthstone of July, Sapphire is the birthstone of September.