Watch Repairs


Time is a luxury, that is why it is important to keep up with your watch service. 

When it comes to watches, performing the correct procedure to service a timepiece is critical. So when your timepiece requires further service we will have your watch examined by a local expert watchmaker and provide an estimate for free. If you decide not to have the watch repaired we will return the watch to you minus inspection fee. If you decide to have the watch repaired we will have the work properly completed and guarantee the work done on your timepiece.

Our watchmaker can do Seiko, Citizen, Bulova, Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Omega and many others.

1. Carefully disassemble entire movement, peg, jewels & inspect all the parts for wear.

2. Clean the disassembled movement in a cleaning machine with spinning, ultrasonic and heat for precise cleaning with two special solutions and 5 stages. 

3. Treat specific parts with special solutions 

4. Properly put movement back together, oil and grease jewels and parts

5. Adjust timing to 5 different positions and check timing over 48 hrs.

6. Waterproof testing.


We guarantee our work with a one year limited warranty on services provided.  

If your watch is running slow, fast, not keeping a charge overnight or not working, bring it in and we can get it running back to factory specs.

We work on all kinds of movements. 

  • Automatic and wind-up

  • Quartz 

  • Kinetic

  • Solar powered (Eco-Drive)

  • Buffing and polishing

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