Why do you need an Appraisal?

Several reasons an Appraisal may be needed.

1. to know item value 

2. Most insurances require it to insure it.

3. Resale value to private buyers.

Verbal Appraisals our often free, written appraisals start at $120 an hour. We explain market values: Retail and Appraised Value VS Worldwide Metal & Diamonds Market Value.

We do our very best to explain what something is worth and the best way to get the most out of the item when looking at the (Resale Value)

What all is included with a insurance Appraisal, We do a complete cleaning and polish on the item before starting, we then detail any stones, (cut, clarity, quality of cut, imperfections etc) detailed note on setting, stone types / cuts we record sizes of stone angles. Picture is taken of each item and printed onto the Appraisal for extra detail. Two copies are given out. (One for your records & one for the insurance company to use. Digital copy available upon request.

We do inspections on every item written or verbal to inspect for any future problems.





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